All the latest on the Trump-Russia investigations

The men known as the “Warren Commission” examined what caused President Kennedy’s death and what role the Kennedy assassination conspiracy might have played in the attack. Ted’s son, former Vice President Joe Biden, tried to brush the so-called “Brooks Brothers Charge” from the 2000 presidential campaign off as “ridiculous.”

Then there’s Patricia Sherman’s Atlantic piece, “Joe Biden: Exceptional, Bizarre, Insane.” How bad is it that this foreign policy thinker who many considered a possible VP in 2016 is seriously considering running for President in 2020?

Today, Vice President Mike Pence’s top advisers met with President Trump at the White House. Yesterday, President Trump called on the Russians to be “fully held accountable” for Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Could Vice President Mike Pence take on Russia’s adventures and support a NATO military preparedness policy that limits Russia’s role in Ukraine?

Does he agree with Trump’s views on Russia?

Depends on what you think of Vice President Mike Pence.

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