Andy Murray gets back his wedding ring lost during tennis lesson

• Scotland’s seven-times grand slam singles champion reported missing ring on 14 October • ‘I found it last week on the beach in Miami. Everyone thought I was mad,’ says Murray

Andy Murray has found his lost wedding ring, which went missing after it slipped off during a tennis lesson at the Fort Lauderdale’s W Club.

According to the Daily Mail, the Scotsman had been practicing during an off-day on 14 October when the ring slipped off, before returning to the court to conclude his practice with his a trainer.

The report states that after the ring had been returned to its owner, he was subjected to unhelpful comments about his unprofessionalism.

A post from the former semi-finalist at Flushing Meadows, Mark Philippoussis, on his Facebook page was among them. “Wow, so apparently Andy Murray lost his wedding ring on the 14 October in a tennis lesson,” Philippoussis wrote. “Wow, all that for some green stuff. I guess he’s back in the good books.”

But Murray could have put those comments to bed this week, after the above picture of the wedding ring appeared to emerge.

Murray, who tied the knot with his former partner Kim Sears in April 2014, told the Sunday Times about the incident a week ago. “I lost my wedding ring on the 14th and when I went back to the court, the guy wasn’t there,” he said. “He was meant to go and get it.

“At the time I was trying to be professional. But everybody thought I was mad. Then I got called a minger the next day. At least it was something serious.”

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