Five things I can’t live without: Ian Hankin, head of commercial products at Ulta

Ulta is an incredible beauty and wellness store and home of the fine cosmetics. Its range is extensive and varied, and it sells many brands that you may not have heard of. As a result, I sometimes don’t trust one range or brand over another, but the head of Ulta’s commercial products, Ian Hankin, assures me that each range has high quality ingredients, and that Ulta specialises in the whole range. Under $70 can buy you a very high-quality all-over-skin moisturiser which comes in 6 varieties, and is generously scented. Use this top to bring out the natural glow of your skin. This is also suitable for your eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nails. It leaves your skin with a fabulously gentle flush.

Looking after your eyes and face is always an important job. My favourite moisturiser, which feels very light and lathers on slowly, with a generous amount of moisturising, is L’Occitane Avene Suncare Interzone Nourishment.

A natural make-up skincare range is excellent. I just love Origins Blush in Botanical Onyx, which is a good all-over-skin powder that goes on very softly, and looks light, natural and not too orange or brown.

I don’t do lippies, but I do love lip balms. I love the Aussie Beauty Aromatics Ecocosmetics Lip Balm, which I mix with passionfruit and honeysuckle oils for a hydrating, luxe look. (A £3.99 (inc free delivery) subscription service is offered.)

I’m a big fan of Casillero del Diablo Under-Eye Mask in brown or black, and always get a rush out of doing it at the end of a long day. Casillero also makes a lovely candle.

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