Flashback to the 30th anniversary of the partial lunar eclipse

This page will update all the great eclipse pictures taken by professional and amateur photographers on Twitter in the hours after Friday’s partial lunar eclipse, The Spectacular Transit of Venus.

This page will also constantly update the pictures we’ve already received from @topgazette, @citizentx, @mistermoment, @AP, @ipnobot, @david_perezart, @nytimes, @NYtimesarts, @NY_Times, @TIME, @rni, @topagazette, @washingtonpost, @thenewcivilwar, @thelovelytaylorg, @theodyssey, @mrsgambin, @lexyankhoa, @danbery, @realluvr, @washingtonep, @prolifenichols, @davidjohnsonwashington, @humanscaleclipse, @NHSdesirable, @gcastro, @pslvascape, @piggyphoto, @espngraphicphoto, @aprabedia, @microfotog, @giametopublic, @luxherb, @macripagfilmmaker, @pigramapics, @mercuryp2, @lifeinthemovie_tag, @topbuzzphoto, @floyddermond, @teddoeman11, @jeanvollmann, @corbettryan, @localbath, @worlddotoday, @fairvew, @madisonrosehights, @vanguardnewhouse, @plogova, @nolimparks, @theWSB, @danielasthero, @everythingchron, @JeffStean, @simonehtx and @CHESunny.

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