Golf legend Julius Norman back on the course

He only won five professional tournaments, but Julius Norman is considered the greatest all-sport athlete ever. Norman is the only golfer to win major championships in both PGA and European events. He won the British Open twice (1987, 1990) and took home the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and the British Open, all in the 1980s.

Norman also achieved gold medalist status at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988. Norman holds a career earnings of $21,736,924 in his legendary career, after he had one of the best seasons ever from a professional golfer in 2018.

He’s said that over a decade ago, he picked up a golf club again after having given up the sport due to being treated for diabetes.

“Two years ago, I picked up a golf club again and I couldn’t play the way I played when I was 28 years old but I figured if I played that way, if I wasn’t going to play the way I played when I was 28, then why not play it in the way I did when I was 28 and try to make something happen?” Norman told “LPGA Talk”.

He’s already started a website and created some an athletic Facebook page, which you can check out here.

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