Here are the best and most affordable toys to shop this holiday season

What’s good in the New Year and beyond, but overpriced this holiday season?

Analyzing holiday season toy sales trends is essential to a yearly appraisal of toy costs and shoppers’ ability to stomach bargain prices, the best buys of the year, holiday hours at stores and name-brand exclusive products.

The next two months are a big release period for toy manufacturers as they set aside space and resources to make sure their products have ample shelf space in stores.

Purchasing an original Star Wars toy made this year’s Black Friday a powerful holiday.

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Where to find best deals

Here’s a list of some of the best toys this holiday season that aren’t often priced at steep discounts off the $99 mark.

Action figures

Where to find best deals

Top-selling figures and Disney exclusive products are going for discounts of 50 percent off throughout this holiday season. Get these exclusives for $8 at Toys ‘R’ Us, Walmart, Best Buy and Target, and on Amazon and eBay.

Star Wars: Black Series Monopoly

Where to find best deals

Best and cheapest editions of the toy include $12 Monopoly sets with exclusive characters and accessories and $50 sets.

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Gaming

Where to find best deals

Kids in high school and college planning to transfer to Hogwarts in 2022 (or earlier!) will love this Hogwarts House card game that’s also now available in tabletop form for 10 percent off at Amazon and $25 at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Peppa Pig: Little Star

Where to find best deals

This lifesize Peppa Pig with Lego pieces is set to launch in stores Sept. 15 and already has a $10 price cut on Amazon and Toys ‘R’ Us.

L.O.L. Surprise! Happy! Collection

Where to find best deals

The mini dress-up characters are available on Amazon for 20 percent off and in Target for 15 percent off during December, unless you work at a Target holiday promotion and snag an “open until 11 p.m. sale.”

Disney Playhouse

Where to find best deals

“Open Until” Toys ‘R’ Us specials are selling for 20 percent off and Disney exclusive sets are priced to sell on Christmas Eve for double holiday savings.

Battleship: The Ultimate Game

Where to find best deals

The $40 toy is available on Amazon for $30 and in Target for $40.

Toy Story 4 Land Adventures Tour of Tomorrowland

Where to find best deals

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