I’m a Celebrity bushtucker trial sees Naughty Boy get called out for his comments about Frankie Bridge

During a raucous bushtucker trial on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on Friday night, Naughty Boy and Frankie Bridge were taking part.

They were tasked with eating six rice cakes to win for the camp.

When they were halfway through the task, Frankie objected to Naughty Boy’s approach.

“No, it’s too spicy for me. I don’t like spicy food. It’s actually my only taste of food that’s not spicy. I always have rice and beans, even if I’m starving, and I don’t like spicy food. It’s disgusting,” she said.

“But then I’m also a different person,” Naughty Boy replied. “It’s how I grew up, and also, we’re used to it. I guess we’re all different and experienced life differently. It’s alright, I accept that.”

However, Frankie’s attitude changed again as she placed the rice “around the corner” and laughed.

“I’m supposed to carry it! Like, that’s not allowed,” Naughty Boy said, to which Frankie replied: “Yeah, it’s my rice!”

“Can’t we all share?” he said.

Frankie said: “No.”

“If you’re going to take rice like that I think the teamwork stuff should be fair,” he said.

Naughty Boy won the trial after eating four rice cakes, with Frankie crying as Naughty Boy carried the last single one.

The following morning, Frankie cried as she walked to camp again with all the celebrities.

“Don’t get me wrong, I hate rice, rice, rice!” she said. “I’m just a different person when I’m around rice.”

“I’m not speaking to you, Frankie. I’m putting rice down for a week,” she said.

“It’s because you do what you want with rice, and you’re just a bit different,” said Naughty Boy.

“It’s my rice. It’s been my rice all my life,” said Frankie.

Naughty Boy explained why the camp mates had changed their collective decision to eat another rice cake.

“I was trying to make a real effort. But then as they all go off and speak to Joey in the garden, then they decide to do rice again,” he said.

“Are you going to give me a rice cake? Are you going to give me a rice cake? Because I can’t eat rice,” she said.

“It’s not even rice,” he said. “It’s food.”

Click on the video to watch the whole row.

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