Journey through Rebel Country: Kiffin says cowbells are “ridiculous”

Forget the “Hook ’em Horns” chant—what if it took to the streets?

Ever since the unbeaten and No. 1 Mississippi State Bulldogs beat the University of Florida Gators Saturday, it’s been about the cowbells, and now current Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin thinks the horn-honking is absolutely ridiculous.

“Hey, good luck getting out of here to our next opponent with those 15 cowbells, man,” Kiffin said on the SEC Coaches’ Call. “It’s really annoying.

“I was at an event about three years ago, and some guy came up to me and said, ‘Are you aware that people have their horns out for every Gators game? It’s ridiculous.’ And I said, ‘All the cowbells are ridiculous, you know that?’

“That’s the way it’s gone. But like I said, it’s just something that we’re not going to do at our place.”

After beating Florida and now going back-to-back in the SEC, it’s hard to argue with Kiffin. But after posting back-to-back wins over the Gators, playing extremely well in the offensive gameplan and outscoring them by 31 points on Saturday, Mississippi State appears to be a wreck—the Cowboys can’t get out of bed this week.

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