Looking for a sweet treat while you enjoy the long weekend? Try these nostalgic chocolate bar cookies

It’s lunchtime, and you’re looking to alleviate stress by enjoying a nice stress-busting snack. What’s not to love about these weekends-gone-by chocolate bar cookies? Shh. Don’t tell anyone. They need to stay on the down low. You will appreciate this!

😎🎂🎇💦🥀😄 and here they are! 😍🍰 Happy 🍰️😉🍓🎉🍑☕️ What’s in my secret stash? 😬🎉✨ If you’ve got a secret stash like mine, we want to hear about it 📷https://t.co/CMDK3vzrYq — Diego Villegas (@Diego_Villegas) June 15, 2018

Happy🍰️🥀🍫🥀🤔🤫🤩I love this kind of food with a big scoop of free coffee and my drink of choice @Itallyanta #dobighatsethis #1startcoffee🍩💪💩#guvnuressnuff A post shared by Lucretia Coque (@lucretia_coque) on Jun 15, 2018 at 3:18pm PDT

On a less cosmic note, do these avocado toast brownies look delicious? I love avocado toast, and brownies sound like the perfect meal combo: lean protein, plenty of fresh, local ingredients, and just a little avocado on top.

Stay tuned for more last-minute hacks to order in or open your own pop-up meal truck to celebrate the long weekend. Until then, follow @nytimesfashion on Instagram, @emilywigger on Twitter, @philippi_oceana on Instagram, and @sophiemurphybrandt on Instagram. Please enjoy the next nine days in culture.

Photos: SAVVY, Instagram. Photos by Nicholas Rushworth/NYT.

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