Missouri Soccer Player Accused of Shooting Karter Kart Racing Driver

(KNCI) A soccer player with the Missouri Tigers has been accused of assaulting a Karter Kart Racing driver who has no relation to UCLA soccer player Laura Kate Phillips.

Michelle Harris was leaving a card party when she had her car swiped by her friend, who is a baseball player.

The attacker got back into the car, but Harris fought back, and the man then reportedly tried to kick her in the chest.

A police report shows that Harris saw her friend Ashley Burnett in the passenger seat, smoking and wrote on her hand and fingernails “just do what I do.”

Harris’ body was found Saturday in her mother’s car in rural Augusta. Harris had been shot in the head.

Burnett and an unidentified man were taken into custody Sunday, and possibly charged with murder.

Harris was one of the sport’s top female racing drivers, best known for wins at the Arkansas and Texas events.

She had announced plans to move to Phoenix to start her own Karter Kart team.

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