Pipeline issues are preventing PC players from playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Each person who purchases a Boost (a Boost increases your stamina) gets in on the fight as much as you as long as they’re a Plus-Plus Plus Customer and connect with your Boost store and the game on PS4.

Players who are already stuck on the fork will be able to help help the game out along the way. According to the Verge, people will be treated to a bonus boost whenever they get a new message to complete.

PC players have had the game available since early November, but it looks like it’s been the perfect way to get the full PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds experience. Chances are, if you haven’t downloaded the game on your current machine, you’ll want to see what everyone’s fave thing is doing in the hills.

For those who’ve been waiting for that unlock, I’ve got some good news for you. Starting Wednesday, 31 January, all player households that have purchased a subscription (as high as $40) will be granted an upgraded token, with an upgrade valued at 120 per player.

At least that’s the plan — here’s a refresher.

France announces a ban on buying a standalone currency for its massively popular Game of the Year-2017 update “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” in a tweet published on Tuesday.

Buy a standalone currency (from PS4 or PC) on October 31, 2017 in France, and you are banned from buying it again for the next three years. You will only be able to buy it from PSN or PC, but with an in-game token. This means that you can only earn in-game currency, rather than paying real-world money for it.

At the moment the French government is trying to collect as much in-game money as it can, and it appears that people all over the world do not seem to be happy with this. To remove frustration for some, the Ministry of Energy, Ecology, and Food Security announced on Twitter that it’s working on a solution.

This is coming next: we’re putting together a different process — it will see a binary “purchase” rendered not valid & then a “try again” button with 300-700 beta tokens is spotted. French GOTY winners & guests will be exempted from this until November.

But it’s not yet clear if that will save PSN and PC gamers that are already at an unfair disadvantage in the general scheme of things.

France’s newest ban has caused some debate on Twitter, as users have questioned whether this should even be an issue and/or if the situation is in fact criminal or even conspiracy.

RT by choice for the cause of justice! This is not only censorship, but also a crime against freedom. Please follow French legal complaints. https://t.co/gbkmqwKBzX — Sanober Brüner (@SanoberBris) February 11, 2018

Some folks have called for people to boycott the game because of the purchase ban and the lack of in-game earnings. Others have even called for a boycott of the game for a number of months just because of this, and some have thrown around the idea of boycotting digital currencies altogether.

The only thing that’s really clear so far is that people have been turned off by the new situation and rather dread the system it has created.

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