Scientists Discuss Cloudy Sights and Sounds at Eclipse in Chicago

Fox News identified the bright and simple orange flower on display at the exhibit in Chicago as an “inversion of nature’s fleeting beauty.”

“To continue to work here in Hawaii is a total surrender to a near death experience,” said Scott Giacoppo, who told Fox News the color is one of the few he can’t replicate in his works.

The nearby “yellow star” represents the phenomenon when a corona – an aura above a solar eclipse – obscures a star.

“The yellow star that is sort of the flower… is to say that looking at the sun is to look into an open window for a moment,” Giacoppo said.

The bubble-slicing “Pico Alto” represents warfare. The “Metamorphosis of Tomorrow” symbolizes the idea that we are all affected by the universe.

The “Whisper of the Starburst” brings reality into focus.

“The premise of all this is in the case of the starburst, the patient begins to speak and the patient speaks of only what’s already been in front of him all of his life. In other words, it’s like a messiah who speaks of life being all the same in a time that he doesn’t fully understand,” said Giacoppo.

See the entire “Quarrel of the Stars” exhibit in the Fox News video above.

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