Seven-day Golf Trips in Sicily, Italy

The first of two seven-day fall golf excursions launched this month by 1457. Go golfing in Sicily, a European vacation spot with some of the driest and most lush parts of Italy, which used to be the cradle of world golf. Several of the courses are owned and managed by renowned (and soon-to-be-famous) American tour operator Stacey Fischer.

The tour includes two rounds per person of golf at four different courses. Like a Hilton or Fairmont, each hotel can host up to three groups of four people each day, day and night.

Only one group per hotel will allow prospective and returning guests to participate in all seven rounds. Travelers should ask if the course guarantees there’ll be room at all for returning clients.

When your group arrives at the golf courses, all members are given a tour of the grounds. Each tour starts with a friendly chat at the clubhouse’s reception, and you can follow along with their round.

Groups return to the hotels to shower and change for dinner. The seminars include tips on putting and scoring, lessons from famed Italian golfers, and questions and answers with Stacey Fischer and her staff.

The trips are guaranteed to be comfortable. With room service and walking shoes handy for exercise, the environment is in every way appealing.

Packages start at $875 per person per night, including meals, beverages, transportation, hotel taxes, tips, and a six-course buffet breakfast with cheese platters, fresh fruit, and a hot omelet station.

For more information, check out the travel kit of 1457 Golf, or the tour’s web site. A full list of courses is available from the tour’s web site. Visit

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