The Best Tech Gifts For Moms

First, know that these tech gifts are safe for (and better for) moms. You don’t need us to tell you that moms get stressed out. But this tech isn’t just for feeding minds and eyes — it can be one of the very best gifts.

This gorgeous Make-Me-Out Projector is perfect for home use.

You can easily take an old smartphone photo, transfer it to the projector, and project it from 30 feet away. Because of the projector’s focus feature, your face and pets will stay in the picture and look fabulous. The Make-Me-Out projector retails for $319.99 and is available at Amazon.

It’s the best gift you could ever give a mom — and we’re not just saying that because she’s the one who writes this blog.

This gift sets a truly unique tone to mom’s home, and it’s also useful for helping parents teach their kids the importance of doing good.

Technology plays a key role in helping young people pursue better lives, but having tech just for tech’s sake is a bad idea. This smart device combines various apps into one to build a creative learning experience with a dedicated learning section. All of these activities are played together to teach and stimulate a children’s brain. Choose from 15 different “apps” — with 32 daily applets — and further explore through a school-full of learning charts. When you’re done with your kid’s learning, just transfer your child’s iPad into the Activity Station with a simple cord. This iPad can work in conjunction with your child’s iPad to provide a video translation service, secret ID access to do your real-life banking, a hotel reservation system, and much more. This smart device allows you to monitor your child’s activities through the Activity Station to make sure they’re following directions in the apps they have access to. It’s not just about making your child’s next step toward a good education better — it’s also about giving your child a head start in the future. And they can take control of that future with this device by setting their own requirements. Gotta know where to send them? That’s just the way it is! Prices range from $299 to $399, and can be purchased on Google Play Store.

Of course, only tech geeks will be able to appreciate this bae app, but it’s always a good idea to have smartphone apps in order to help navigate the busy tech world. This app helps you organize your home with rooms, essentials, and foods. If you need to group things up a little more, the built-in “hand off” functionality makes it easy to share supplies between rooms. If you’re looking for a special gift to give to the tech-loving mom in your life, you can’t go wrong with this app. Prices range from $1.99 to $2.99, and are available on Google Play Store.

Need to get some tech into your mom’s hands? You don’t need to get her a tablet. You can help her pick out a gift that’s right for her by picking out something that has practicalities. This wants come with a set of wheels that helps your mom is her car, and will take her out and about. When you purchase a wants, she can choose between 32 hands-free features like Uber, Lyft, and car-sharing apps. You can even program a credit card tracker that saves your mom’s name, which can later be used to loan her your ATM card. Her car can now listen to her, and she can pick up her favorite snack in this smart, thoughtful car kit. The kit can be purchased from $149.99 at Amazon.

This bit of tech has just the right amount of style that moms love.

There’s nothing more fun than trying out a new technology every once in a while. You can do it using wireless headphones, which are great options for moms who’ve already set up Instagram, Snapchat, and Instagram. These models come with Alexa integration, so they’re perfect for Mom who likes to be connected, and they come with customizable equalizer settings and a USB charging cable. Prices range from $29.99 to $49.99, and are available on Amazon.

Or there’s this orangutangesque toy.

That said, don’t worry — there are few things that moms love more than getting their children something special.

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