The man who lost his wife to blackmailers

Ozoma Blew, a colleague of my husband’s, will have a pin on Pinterest. This will come with a video of a person being killed by their ex-lover and use that image, often in settings where people are searching for or downloading pictures, in an ad, on her website.

She has come up with the whole process and is now trying to sell it in person.

Everyone seems to hate her products, but it’s so seductive to a lot of people, like her followers.

A guy came into an interview and told me that, after he sold her what looked like a lemonade stand, she had visited him in the hospital on a break. At that point he had not said anything about selling reputations online but he had conveyed her attention to the clips she had attached.

Like I have said, I’ve never met her, I just know of her. She’s the blogger behind the video business, out to try to defraud me, and raise money from the profit by taking a cut of whatever people were selling. At first I could see her doing it because it was so seductive, but then I thought she was killing people. That felt like suicide. It also felt like a farce. Like she’s trying to get revenge on me for engaging in sex.

Something about my husband and I and that we’re both Nigeria – there’s a lot of ridicule on a national level. Honestly, like I said, I’ve been on the receiving end of some smack talk and the whole “Google Nigeria, which of course is a fantasy, but you don’t have to Google it. I’ve not worked that hard to lose or get ripped off. I feel sorry for you. If I could smile, I would say, “Go Nigeria.” I do not work hard to lose or get ripped off.

Her site is a pimple stand with witty names.

I’m very much to the point. You remember my phrase, “just say no.”

I think that she is smart enough to have figured out where she got this power by just signing the biggest companies and dealing with the advertisers.

I don’t think she’s a ‘crime-maker’ or just trying to get rich and enjoying her little piece of the action. I think it’s about that. It’s a momentum that’s enough. It’s a generational business, a reaping of sorts, where the next generation of people has signed up, and any fucker could do it.

Ozoma Blew, these followers could be used to make false claims about me. For example, if you’re a contactor, that could be used as a background against you.

I tend to take it light, to the point.

The first person ever to use it against me is Duane Hall, my first husband.

I dated someone for six years who had no kids and at the end of that was telling me he was taking money out of a company account. My ex was trying to get me to sign a contract to do that for him. I was, to be honest, totally wigged out but that was the thing. I hadn’t sent him a message, so I said to myself, “You never respond to a post you don’t have anything to say.”

It’s funny. I was talking to people about the ways I deal with men and how I protect myself. I think that’s what the ‘epidemic’ is really about.

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