What you might give up to be a richer person

Forty-five Thanksgiving meals or five meals to feed strangers to the tune of $1.4 million in generosity. Thanks to a simple vision that involves refraining from talking about Donald Trump and shopping for American stuff, the United States is now the richest it’s been in history.

According to numbers released by the U.S. Census Bureau, according to the Washington Post, Americans earned $3.1 trillion in the year just ended, the best any year since we joined the world nearly 75 years ago. The irony is that while most Americans could spend at least that amount in a single year at home and a truckload elsewhere, most who would need to do that in less than one day are doing it this way.

Rather than enjoying a platter of turkey on a front porch, many have instead found themselves “stretching generosity,” using their close to $800 trillion in disposable income to do good in one of the wealthiest nations on earth. On Twitter, it has been proclaimed, “By giving to TOTS, we’re also going to help the homeless.” Even in the bleakest moments of politics, though, it has been found that giving to America’s homeless is the most effective way to change a whole lot in ways that affect one’s pocketbook.

To help spread the good cheer, and thus the wealth, this holiday, here are ten things that will not dent American bank accounts at all.

1. Where have you got that toaster?

2. Soggy rolls

3. Cheesecake cheesecake

4. Beer

5. That huge breadboard

6. Or that big box of tampons you had to buy

7. Submarines

8. Or boats

9. Convenience store Starbucks

10. Or pizza delivery

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