Holidays: a guide to all the Christmas gift suggestions local is good for you

From local Christmas tree to homegrown maple syrup, urban to local gift guide shares listings for festive goodies available locally in Toronto

Holidays, parties and dinners are nearing, and in Toronto, you can try and make up for them by buying local. An all-local guide to shopping local this holiday season is the idea of a team of five members of Hot Check, a digital agency in Toronto. The Hot Check team hit the streets of Toronto to find plenty of exciting gifts that are at least partially made from or are positively influenced by the city.

The team looked at gift items like candles, ice cream, sweaters, bangles, T-shirts, candles, socks, hats, jewelry, aprons, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, maple syrup, cookies, beer, apples, art, cake and other treats made in, grown in or imported from the city.

The guide includes listings for more than 750 gift items available in Toronto.

• The Hot Check to the Streets is available at the Village Green Festival Marketplace on Union Ave (south east of Gerrard St on weekdays; east of Spadina Rd on weekends), local shops (even if they aren’t necessarily listed), and specialty food stores (e.g. Rose Quartz Art Gallery).

• To suggest more gifts that might be on the Hot Check to the Streets list, leave a comment below or tweet your ideas with the hashtag #HotCheckToTheStreets.

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