I have a boyfriend, and I’m Mexican. Here’s what it means.

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A few months ago, my boyfriend shared with me a conversation he had with his parents.

“My parents are Mexican American,” he told me. “They’re racist, obviously. But they also have friends who are from my dad’s side, and those people are too.”

I clapped. The white half of me was impressed. My black half was frustrated. Because while I generally agree with my boyfriend, I know how much I cannot handle.

But I was merely more proud of my guy and my love. He’s not at fault. My mom and dad are.

Are they racist? Maybe.

But they’re not just racists. They’re ignorantly racists.

Let’s talk about white privilege in America. Here’s what it looks like, explained in this infographic:

*This infographic was produced by Racebending.

If you’re in your 20s or younger, you’re still probably not allowed to rent an apartment in San Francisco or Washington, D.C., because you’re not a white man.

*This graphic was produced by The Forward.

Unsurprisingly, college campuses have struggled with white student activism for years, especially in the wake of the racially charged protests on college campuses in recent years.

*This graphic was produced by The New York Times.

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